Swimming Coaches Still Like Toys (Swimming Gear for Technique Improvement)

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Sep 25, 2007

Swimming Coaches Still Like Toys (Swimming Gear for Technique Improvement)

I was just surfing the web and found this very cool fin, called shin fin. It is not a regular flipper. Instead of putting it on as a shoe, a swimmer attaches it to his/hers shins. This way, it releases the stress on the ankles and the achilles tendon (this could be very bad with the mono fins). No more sore ankles, no more lost fins after a strong pushoff from the wall. You can even be creative and have you swimmers get out of the water with the shin fins to run to the otherside of the pool or do push ups.According to the inventor's Shin Fin website, diving in is also easy. I can't say, I have tried them yet, but would definitely be willing to give the shin fin a try. They do ship the shin fins to the entire world and come in all different sizes and also colors. I am very tempted to check the shin fin out.

Next, let's look at out how to work on your streamline while using your legs and a kickboard. Learning how to streamline is one of the most important aspects of fast swimming, so perhaps the next piece of equipment will help you out. The slick kickboard device that I have found useful is this streamline (alignment) kickboard. You can have your kids put their hands fingers underneath the strap and keep their arms in streamline while kicking. This way, flipturns and follow up streamlines are made easy :). Make sure though, you are not going too crazy with these, so your kids do not get some shoulder injuries from having the muscles tight all the time. Also, if you can, do not use any kickboards as it is much better to learn to move in the water without any boards and rely on your own relaxation and coordination. Here is some more info about the board.

Last item, I'd like you to have a look at is this peculiar looking forearm fulcrum like item. It is actually quite brilliant. Some swimmers have an issue with raising their fingers upward when starting their strokes, thus lessening the amount of water they are pulling. Some swimmers have an issue with water entry into the water with fingers first. And even some swimmers h

This Finis Forearm Fulcrum lets you keep your stroke efficient by hodling your wrist, elbow and shoulder at the correct swimming position. If you deviate andy of the arm parts from the optimial movement (you do it wrong) the fulcrum holder will fall off. So without doing it correctly, you won't be able to swim properly :). Therefore, the forearm fulcrum makes you focused on your technique all the time and helps you imprint the correct swimming motion into your brain, so after a few practices your stroke becomes much more efficient and injury free.

If you have any experience with any of these devices, can you please share them with us?
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Flavia Delaroli Cazziolato said...

And athlets too, but if you shop for swimming gear dont use www.mycompetitionswimming.com, they dont give you refund, they say they do, but they dont. They also dont tell you if an item is in stock and if you pay for second day air and its not in stock, oh well, thats your problem, they charge you anyway...and if they never send you the item they dont refund you either, they just stop answering you and pretend nothing happened... so everyone, be aware.

Deanna said...

As part of a market research study to better understand the swimming community, Bluefin Robotics is conducting a brief survey.

We are not selling anything here, just trying to get some questions answered from real people who swim.


Hopefully, we will be able to use the information you provide to produce new exciting training tools for swimmwers.

Thanks for your participation!



Jono said...

I'm not sure, but I think using the shinfin has a different result. I personally haven't tried it, either.