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Dec 5, 2008

Swim Workouts for Everyone (Swim Workout Database)

If you have been swimming a while on your own, you are a beginner swimmer, seasoned triathlete or swim coach. There comes a time when the imagination and inspiration is not working in your favor and you cannot come up with a good swim practice that you haven't done before, if you are a beginner you just do not know where to start, or better yet, you just want to break out of the usual and try something else. You never know what swim sets might work for you until you give them a try.

I found a few pages where you can get help in finding a good swim workout for yourself or for your team. I am sure your swim team sometimes appreciates a change from the your routine, so keep them interested in this wonderful sport and vary your training. Also, let them have fun once in a while.

Check here for great sprint breaststroke workout or lung capacity drills.

Swim Plan

This swim workout site requires sign up, but after that you can get swim advice and swim workouts fit to your skill level, so check it out http://www.swimplan.com/index.php

Swim West Side

is just a big old database of all kinds of swim workouts, so go crazy and try something new. - http://www.swimwestside.com/workouts/wsscworkoutssearch.html

Virtual Swim Coach

Another free swimming workout site which provides weekly swimming practices nicely right into your inbox http://www.virtualswimcoach.com/

My Swim Coach Online

Three workouts a week for different skill level, so whether you are a beginner or a seasoned triathlete, you can get some inspiration at http://myswimcoachonline.com

If you know of more swim workout databases which are being updated or are opened to public, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

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Mark Gale said...

You might enjoy some of the comments about training and workouts on the blog of Olympian Garrett Weber-Gale. (he also has a new technique DVD almost ready for release.) www.garrettwebergale.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

i think swimming is a great thing to add to any fitness routine.

Unknown said...

Great information.Great site. Really enjoyed reading the tips. Keep up the good work.

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Swimming Log said...

SwimPlan is awesome. I've been using it for a few months now.

helenth01 said...

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