Michael Phelps - How a short movie can help you swim?

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Jul 21, 2011

Michael Phelps - How a short movie can help you swim?

One of the most written about swimmers in today's world is Michael Phelps. He also has an Xbox 360 Kinect swimming game created in his spirit called Push the Limit. Now, Michael Phelps also has a short movie. The movie is filmed in Phelps’ hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, USA and it premiered at the opening ceremony of the 14th FINA World Championships in Shanghai, China. You can watch Micheal's movie below:

As much as I don't really care about what goes on in Michael Phelps' life, he makes a couple of good points in the movie which relate to learning to swim.

a) He says: "I started swimming when I was 7 and first couple of years I was afraid to put my face in the water, I just wasn't comfortable. Eventually I just put it in and off I went." Remember when I was telling you about being as a log in the water, well there you have it spoken by the greatest swimmer of all times. I am not just making this up, swimming with the right body position is a key and if you are struggling with it, just remember that even the unbeatable Michael Phelps ones had the same problem. So, get that head in and forget about how other people around you swim.

b) He also says: "As soon as I walk into the door, everything else that is going on in my life does not matter. It is like my brain shuts off. I don't have to think about anything. I am there to swim. That's it." Does that ring a bell? Swimming is a great relaxation and a form of escapism, but don't take Michael's words literally. He is not implying that when he gets into the pool he stops thinking all together. He probably analyzes every stroke he takes. Does he have the most efficient arm catch, is his body balanced properly. In other words, he practices mindful swimming which takes some effort and concentration to master.

So, if you are struggling or are frustrated with your swimming, don't beat yourself up. We all have been there at one point or another, just take a different approach or change something from your swim routine and you will see that you will move on and enjoy swimming even more.
Be seen, keep your stuff dry and take a break when needed.