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Jul 6, 2012

How to Help your Kids Enjoy Summer Swimming

The northern hemisphere is now experiencing a very hot beginning to what looks like to be a great summer season. With that, millions of kids and adults flock to local swimming pools, lakes, ponds, rivers, or oceans, but unfortunately swimming is not much fun for those unlucky individuals how have not gained a proper water support skill. Amy Carson from Hapari Swimwear will give us a few tips on how we can make sure our kids enjoy their swimming summer to the fullest.
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Enter Amy:
Kids love the water, especially on a hot day. Whether it’s a lawn sprinkler, water balloon fights, or a neighborhood backyard pool party you want your kids to have fun and stay safe. Take the proper precautions so that everyone will have a great time.

Swimming Lessons

Put your child in a swim class. This will help them learn to swim before the summer comes and also teach them to respect the power of water. Check with your local community center about what kinds of classes are available. Make sure that the instructor is a certified lifeguard as well. A variety of classes may be offered. Determine what kind of class will best help you kids to learn all they can about swimming.

Start early if you can and get your baby familiar with the swimming pool atmosphere. As your children grow up they will be ready to enjoy themselves and better understand swimming techniques. Give them the opportunity to participate in swim meets and competitions for more access to the water.

Safety Is Very Important

Make sure that your children know about swimming pool rules. If they run they could slip and hit their head. If they go into the deep end without training or adult supervision they could drown. A skilled lifeguard is on duty for a reason. Your child needs to obey them or they could be removed from the water and from the pool area altogether. Help you kids understand that there are rules so they can stay safe and have fun at the same time.

Summer lake swims are the best
If you’re taking the kids to the beach or spending a week at an ocean resort set some water rules. Sit down with your kids before they put a toe in the water and discuss the dangers and ways to stay safe. Apply sunscreen liberally, make them wear proper floatation devices, and never let them swim alone. Help your children understand proper hygiene and to never drink sea or pool water.

Pool Parties and Water Games

Summer is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. If it involves water then that adds to the fun. You can invest in water noodles, boogie boards, and inner tubes. For the older kids you could set up a volleyball net for some very active water sports, or even host a best dive or cannonball contest.

If you don’t live near the beach then take the kids to the water parks in your area. These fun places have wading pools and water slides that will keep the kids happy in the hot sun. Be safe and have fun with your kids in the water this summer.

Note from Swimator Blog: Some of the above advice is very obvious to a seasoned water goer, but as simple as it may seem, many do not realize the benefits of such summer preparation for your kids. So let your kids have fun, eliminate their fear and prepare them better to be safe around and in the water. Even though summer is here in the northern world, it is not too late. As they say: "better late then never".

This is a guest post by Amy Carson from Salt Lake City, Utah who loves her job at Hapari Swimwear and lives life to the fullest.

Be seen, keep your stuff dry and take a break when needed.