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Mar 16, 2013

4 Swimming Pool Apps to Keep You Afloat

Even though this blog is mainly about swimming, how to do it better, more effectively and efficiently. Some readers have their own pools where they practice they strokes from wall to wall or vertical kicks in the deep end. If you fall into this category, Adam from Country Leisure pools is here to give you a few tips on mobile apps which can make your life of the pool maintenance easier, so you can spend less time worrying about your pool and more time doing what you like, swimming :).

Enter Adam:

Swimming pools are a fun part of owning a home, enjoying the summer sun, but most importantly very convenient way to improve ones swimming potential. When you own a pool, it is useful to get a few smartphone or tablet apps to help improve the cleanliness, care and management of the pool, otherwise you are going to ever regret getting one as you'll spend more time and money cleaning it. Although the apps are a useful tool for pool owners to download, remember that you do not want to take the phone into the pool with you when you use the apps or it might just drown, unless you have a good waterproof case protection with you.

How’s My Water

How's My Water from iOS App Store
How’s My Water is an iPhone App that allows pool owners to accurately determine the health and balance of pool water. Since the water can become contaminated or require adjustments when it is filled, the app is a useful tool to make appropriate changes.

According to PoolCenter.com, the app uses the iPhone camera to take pictures of the test strips after placing it in the water. The strips are evaluated for color and accurate treatment advice is provided to pool owners for a custom treatment result.

The data is saved for future evaluation and comparison after the next water test. Although the app costs $5.99, it is a useful tool for any pool owner. It helps owners determine the safety of water and make appropriate changes to keep the water as fresh as possible.

Swim University

Swim University Mobile App
Swim University is among the top apps for pool owners because it provides a wide range of useful features. The app is available for free on iPhones and Android phones, so it provides many pool owners with the opportunity to find information that is related to pool care and maintenance.

According to PoolSupplyWorld.com, the app provides how-to videos, guides for buying pool-related supplies and blogs that help with specific needs. The app is organized to help with specific categories, such as a spa or a pool, and offers a wealth of information related to the care of a household pool.

Although the app provides several tools and useful elements, it does not have a high cost. In fact, Swim University is a free app that is available to every pool owner with a smartphone.

Pool Genius

Pool Genius from iOS App Store
Pool Genius is a useful app that was designed around new pool owners who might have several questions and concerns regarding the maintenance and management of a household pool. According to PoolSupplyWorld.com, the app can help pool owners weigh the pros and cons of different filtration systems and options for pool maintenance.

Beyond the basic tools and information, the app is made with simplicity in mind. Pool owners will not need to work around complicated systems to find information that is necessary to maintain or work on a pool. Furthermore, the user-friendly app is aesthetically pleasing for a better experience while using the application. Although it costs $0.99, the app is useful and can help new and experienced pool owners.

Pool Doctor

Pool Doctor from iOS App Store
Adjusting the chemicals in a pool is not always easy, especially for new pool owners. With Pool Doctor, it is easier to make appropriate adjustments and maintain the pool through changes that are suggested.

According to PoolCenter.com, the app will use three test results to determine the next step in adjusting the chemical levels. After the test results are entered, the app provides doctor’s orders for adjustments. By following the suggestions of the app, the pool will have proper chemical balances.

Since the app is useful for saltwater and chlorine pools, it is possible to find the right results with any type of pool. The app works on iPhones and Android phones, so it is useful to many pool owners. It will cost $1.99 and email tech support is provided to pool owners.

Owning a pool requires the right maintenance measures. Although it can seem complicated, pool apps are available to help owners make decisions, find information and make adjustments to chemical levels. It is possible to enjoy maintaining your pool, with a little help and information.

Note from Swimator Blog: There you have it, just a few simple apps to keep your pool in tip top shape. Don't let me stop you there though. With the mobile era exploding, I am sure that if none of the above apps fit your needs, with a little bit of searching through the miscellaneous app stores, you will find the one. Remember, pool maintenance should be simple and easy, so you can enjoy the benefits of having your own pool and perhaps take advantage of private in house swim lesson offers such as this one. Alternatively, if you are more of a self-taught enthusiast, you can check out this swimming tips app to get your swim technique in order.

This is a guest post by Adam Ray, an Oklahoma City based jazz musician, producer, and blogger. In the morning, you’ll find him near a French press and a content marketing blog. On the weekends, you’ll likely find him wielding his tenor saxophone on stage at a jazz club. Ray enjoys swimming pools and spas, and he works with Country Leisure, in Oklahoma City.

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